Realm Racer Devlog #5: Get some GUI

     This shouldn’t be very long. As Joraaver noted last week, I managed to design and integrate a decent looking Main Menu into the game. Voila:

main menu gifWe haven't done any loading screen, which is why you see a funny flash of the tube before the actual game appears.

     To be a little more technical, JME currently has 3 GUI systems in place, either with native support or actively supported by developers. These are: nifty GUI, tonegodgui, and Lemur. All three are fine options, but Lemur really shows a tremendous amount of flexibility for very complex GUIs (even 3D). Granted, our GUIs will be simple, but Lemur also boasts CSS like styling, with which I am quite familiar. For this game, we are using Lemur.

     Since I’m no UI/UX artist, I went looking for examples or information to help me get started. Here are some of what I found helpful:

     Like I said, I’ll keep this short. Keep devving!

Suchaaver Chahal

I'm a game developer, web developer, and (currently) a student studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley.

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